CADD SOLUTIONS brings a faster and most precise survey technology with Leica GS18 T – World’s Fastest GNSSR RTK Rover with Total Station.


Differential Global Positioning System (DGPS) are enhancement to the global positioning system (GPS) which provide improved location accuracy, in the range of operations of each system, from the 15- meter nominal GPS accuracy to about 10cm in case of the best implementations.


The Total Station is an electronic theodolite (transit) integrated with an electronic distance meter (EDM) to read slope distances from the instrument to a particular point. This is usually used in Topographical Survey, Land Survey, Layout Survey, Property Survey, City Survey, Building Survey and        Stake out.  

Advantages of DGPS SURVEY:

  • Highly Accurate And Fast Process
  • Time, Cost and Labour Saving Technique
  • It can be ranged for circular radius of 15 km.

Land / Topographical Survey

A Topographic Survey is a survey that gathers data about the elevation of points on a piece of land and presents them as contour lines on a plot. The purpose of a topographic survey is to collect survey data about the natural and man-made features of the land, as well as its elevations. Topographic maps are used to show elevations and grading features for architects, engineers, and building contractors.

  • Collecting existing land features, Ex: Boundary  Line, Electrical Line, Drain Line, Block Level, Tree etc…
  • Existing Terrain Condition like Contours, Elevation etc…


1. Building Marking

Marking of Columns is most important factor of building at site to get the correct positioning of columns and steel rods and also to get the exact center line of the building.

  • Footing Marking, Grid Marking & Column Marking etc…

2. Layout Marking

This Operation Involves Road, Site, Park, Civic Amenities, Drains & UGD Marking.


Survey 1


Road & Highway Surveying is a specialized type of land surveying generally conducted for government agencies during the planning stages of a highway development project. Often the goal of this survey is to determine the appropriate route where the least amount of land will need to be moved.

  • Conducting reconnaissance Survey. 
  • Existing Alignment Features. 
  • Existing Profile, Proposed profile of the ground.  


Mine surveying is the operation of determining the relative positions of points on or beneath the surface of the earth by direct or indirect measurements of distance, direction & elevation.


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